Cellpack technologies & products

Cellpack heat shrink technology

Heat shrink technology

Cable accessories with heat shrink components made of extruded plastic material (thermoplaste) offer a wide field of applications …

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Cellpack cast resin technology

Cast resin technology

The Cellpack cast resin joints offer an overall long-term protection in terms of insulation values and resistance for all kind of cable accessories and …

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Cellpack gel technology

Gel technology

The EASYCELL® gel joints provide easy, fast and thus practical solutions for the connecting and branching of low voltage cables up to 1 kV …

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Cellpack plug-in technologies & Contrax technology

Plug-in technologies & Contrax technology

The compact, pluggable straight-through joint Compax with its particularly high level of pre-configuration, together with the innovative …

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Cellpack connection technology

Connecting technology

Cellpack screw connectors and screw cable lugs are suitable for cross-section ranges, reliable termination and joints of both, copper and aluminium cables …

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Cellpack electrical insulation and mounting tapes

Electrical insulation and mounting tapes

Insulating, bundling, labeling, protecting, affixing, mounting, padding, sealing or repairing: Electrical insulation- and mounting tapes for low and …

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Cellpack accessories and specific products

Accessories and specific products

Whether you need useful tools for connecting and branching of low and medium voltage cables, products for bundling, marking or feeding of …

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