Environmental Policy

The announced goals of CELLPACK Electrical Products are to attenuate, of all its activities, to the maximum the harmful effects which are produced on the environment, and this by applying the following points:

• Prefer the use of ecological products
• Raw materials and various energies will be used with parsimony
• Reduction of waste is a priority versus recycling
• Use of raw materials and harmful manufacturing processes to the environment must be abandoned
• Products offering recycling possibilities must be use firs for all the new incoming products

To be able to respect that, CELLPACK Electrical Products wishes to improve systematically the conditions for the environmental protection in the company.

All the collaborators will be informed, trained and motivated, so that they comply with the rules relating to environmental protection and they will be held to apply the principles of them, in order to fulfil as well as possible the legal and official obligations with regard to the community.

The incidences caused on the environment by our commercial and productions processes will be examined and, if necessary, case falling due, optimized. For the acquisition of new installations, we will privilege the ecological alternative. The application of new technologies during production, treatment and use of new products, must take care to exclude any potential danger as well to the human being as for the environment. In that manner, we orient ourselves to dispose from the newest state of the art commercial and technical capacities.

All the necessary measures will be taken in order to prevent and decrease the risks of industrial pollution which may occur in case of an accident.

The contracting parties who work in our premises will be held to apply our regulations on environmental protection. The dialogue will be open and constant as well with customer, suppliers, and authorities as with the public. The ecological requirements will be evaluated with our customers and suppliers and will be taken into account in accordance with our action.

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